Time & Attendance Management

Sync attendance from mobile (with geo-tagging & geo-fencing) and bio-metric. Support for Multiple Rotational Shifts, Sandwich Leaves, Holiday Calendar & more.

Attendance & Leave Management with Runtime
Work time and shift management with Runtime

Work Shifts

Create multiple work-shifts with separate start and end times.

Rules for late coming and early going to calculate penaly or half-days.

  • Flexible shifts to auto-pick the right one
  • Automatic overtime and late penalty calculation
  • Time based salary for working hours

Attendance Capture

Mobile based clock in/out with geo-tagging and geo-fencing

Employees can mark attendance directly using mobile, with geo-tagging their current location. Setup a unique QR Code for each of your locations to mark attendance with geo-fencing.

  • Mobile attendance with geo-tagging
  • Leave request and approval on app
  • Biometric integration for attendance sync
Mobile based Attendance with Geo Tagging
Holidays & Weekly Offs with Runtime

Holidays & Weekly Offs

Setup list of holidays and weekly-offs by location

It is always a best practice to declare list of holidays for the entire year in advance. This helps employees plan their work and vacations accordingly. In addition to deciding on yearly holidays, it is also important to keep everybody informed about the holiday calendar in advance.

Runtime let's you define list of holidays that can be viewed by employees on their mobile apps. In case your business has multiple locations, a different list of holiday can be defined for each location.

  • Define holidays for entire year
  • Separate holidays & weekly offs by location
  • Sandwich rules for holidays and weekly offs

Leave Automation

Grant leaves every month based on attendance

Runtime allows automatic leave grant every month based on number of days an employee worked (Presents). Leaves granted can then be availed by employees in same or next month. You can also restrict maximum number of leave balance by defining a leave-lapse policy.

Want to pay salary in lieu of leaves accumulated? No problem. Setup leave encashment to automatically encash a portion of leaves accrued in an employee's account. You can also choose the month and salary components to calculate encashment.

  • Leave Grant & Lapse Policies
  • Monthly Leave Balance Carry Over
  • Flexible Leave Encashment Options
Leave Automation with Grant, Lapse, Encashment Options

More tools for Attendance & Time

The list of features does not stop here. Here are some more top features that might interest you.

Sandwich Leaves

Setup sandwich leaves for both Holidays and Weekly Offs. If you aren't aware of what a Sandwich leave is, it basically disallows a holiday or Weekly Off (like Sunday) if an employee is absent on the day before or after.

Time Regularization

There is always a possibility that a team member could not punch his/her time in or time out. Moreover, touring employees are also not expected to punch just in time. For these cases, employees can submit a regularization request to mark their work hours.

Late In/Early Out Deduction

Setup automatic salary deduction for repeated late comers and/or early goers. Define rules (we call it Strike Rules) for repeated defaults and deduct a certain percent of salary on each 3rd or 5th or 10th default in a month.

Time Rounding

Set time rounding rules when employees do not show up on regular shift time. For e.g. you can set a rule for employees coming more than 15 min late to consider it as 30 min. Time rounding can be set for early coming, late coming, early leaving and late leaving.

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