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Project Management

Manage internal and client projects by creating tasks, assigning team members, and capturing timesheet for work completed against each task.

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What is Project Management?

Project management is used to capture time spent on various projects running withing the organization. Projects can be internal projects or external (client-based). Typically, each project has multiple tasks to be completed with defined start and end date. Each task is then assigned to one or more person within the team.

After project creation and task assignment, team members can capture time spent on each task. This is called timesheet capture. Timesheet can be captured by team members using mobile app (Workman) or employee self-service web portal.

How to use Project Management?

Runtime HRMS uses a simple to use workflow for creating and managing projects.

Add Clients

Begin by adding one or more client for which projects are running. Internal Projects can be assigned to In-House cost-center or department.

Add Projects

To add a project, simply specify project name and timelines (start and end dates), select a client and choose if this is internal or external project.

Create Tasks

The next step is to create tasks within each project. Tasks can have individual timelines (start and end dates). Each task's timeline should fall within project's timeline.

Assign Team

Select team members who would be carrying out the project tasks. Select one or more members as Project Manager. Project Managers will be able to see overall project progress.

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