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Feature Basic Professional


Employee Limit
Minimum 20
Minimum 20
Employee Master
Employee Documents
Work Profile
Salary Revisions


Manual Onboarding
Import from Excel


Log Exit
Full & Final

Time & Attendance

Mobile Attendance (With Geo)
Biometric Integration
Import from Excel
Sandwich Leaves
Holiday Calendar by Location
Weekly off by Location
Leave Grant & Lapse Policy
Travel Punch (Geo) & Distance Calculation
Travel Claim Submission


Day-Based Salary Components
Unit-Based Salary Components
Time-based Salary Components
Fixed & Variable Salary
Loans & Advances
Overtime Calculation
Leave Encashment
Fixed & Variable Deductions
Extra Days
Extra Hours
Pay-slip distribution
Claim Request & Settlement


Mobile App (Runtime Workman)
Leave Requests
Missed Punch
Time Relaxation
Web Portal (Runtime Connect)
Income Tax Declaration
Employee Helpdesk


Employees' State Insurance (ESI)
Employees' Provident Fund (EPF)
Professional Tax
Statutory Bonus
Income Tax


Automatic Greetings
Bulk Notifications (E-Mail/Push)
HR Letters (Offer, Appointment etc.)
Policy Publishing
Custom Workflows
Custom E-Mail Setup


Customizable Salary Register
Customizable Pay-slips
Attendance Register
Time Summary
Leave Summary
Employee Reports
Bank Transfer Letter
Statutory Reports & Returns
Travel Register


Salary Components
50 50
Salary Deductions
50 50
50 100
Cost Centers
50 100
50 100
50 100
Work Shifts
50 100
HR/Admin Users
20 50
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Pricing Plans FAQs

Can I switch my plan?

Yes, you can switch your plan anytime. To upgrade your plan, go to Subscription page and click on 'Upgrade' option. To downgrade your plan, write to us at

Can I change the number of employees?

Yes, you can change no. of employees in your subscription from Subscription page. You can add or reduce no. of employees in any number. In case of adding employees, your monthly charges will increase.

Can I delete existing employee records?

Yes, you can delete existing employee records. First you need to de-activate the record and then delete. Please note that once deleted, all information related to the employee record like historical salary, work profile etc. is lost.

What if I have less than 20 employees?

The minimum billable employees in each plan is 20. Even if you have less than 20 employees, you will still be billed for a minimum of 20 employees.

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