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Human Resource Management with Runtime HRMS

Employee Database

Store full set of employee information, along-with documents

Runtime HRMS offers a comprehensive database to store employee information including HR Info, Personal Info, Addresses, Work Profile, Salary details and more.

You can also customize field names to store employee related information that does not fit in the given fields.

Employee Information Database

Self Onboarding

Make a great first-impression with self-onboarding for new hires

Save hours of work by opting for self-onboarding for new hires. Generate self-onboarding links and send to new joiners using in-built e-mail and/or sms alert.

New joiners can submit their contact details, address(es) etc. for onboarding. Approve the submitted form to instantly create new employee record. You can also send the form back to the employee for corrections.

New Hire Self-Onboarding

HR Letters

Pre-Defined templates to generate offer letter, employment proofs, experience certificates and more

Runtime HRMS's HR Letter generator engine automatically generates personalized letters by replacing dynamic fields with employee information like name, date of joining, salary details etc.

Add custom headers, footers and business logo to the generated letters. Letters can be downloaded, e-mailed to employee or saved to employee document folder.

HR Letter Automation

Publish Policies

Publish business policies and create a transparent work culture

Business policies like leave policy, claim application process, travel reimbursement rules etc can be published for easy access to all employees.

You can create policies using our rich text builder or can even upload your existing pdf files. Employees can view policies on the mobile app or on self-service portal.

Business Policy Publication for Employee Access
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Send Notifications

Keep your teams up-to-date with latest announcements

Send notifications to all or selected employees to circulate important information quickly across departments and locations.

Notifications can be sent using e-mail or push technology (on mobile) which delivers the message within a couple of minutes.

Notifications sent to Employee using Runtime Workman

40+ Rich Reports

Take control of people and resources with rich reports

Analyze and study employee data and take better decisions for effective HR Management. Reports like promotion ageing, increment ageing, and more to help you take relevant actions in time.

Fully customizable salary reports like Salary Register, Salary Slips, Attendance Register and more.

Sample list of Runtime HRMS's 35+ Reports for better decision making

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