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Runtime Employee Self-service portal and mobile application

What is Employee Self Service?

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is a system that allows employees of an organisation to carry out various tasks related to HR & Payroll on their own, rather than reaching out their Reporting Manager or HR Manager. Employee Self-Service can be a mobile app or a web portal which allows employees to login and access their information and/or make changes.

ESS assists human resource department in better management of workforce and saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to carry out many routine tasks. Some common features of Employee Self-Service application are - view & mark attendance, download payslips, request leaves, view HR policies and so on.

Remote & Contact-less Attendance

Multiple methods to mark attendance using mobile & web.

Contact-less Attendance

Real-time attendance with location tracking using Runtime Gatekeeper.

See Documentation

Remote Attendance

Mobile attendance with location tracking for WFH & Remote employees.

See Documentation

Travel Claims

Automatic distance calculation for travel or conveyance reimbursement.


Missed Punch

Back-dated missed in/out punch request that require manager approval.

Runtime Workman App

Employee Self-Service Mobile App

Runtime Workman Employee Self Service Mobile App
Runtime Connect Portal

Employee Self-Service Web Portal

Runtime Workman Employee Self Service Mobile App

Employee Self-Service

Request leaves, claims, comp-offs, view payslip and more.

Leave Application

Employees can apply leaves using web portal or mobile app and managers can also approve on the go.


Claim Reimbursement

Employees can submit claim requests with supporting documents. Upon approval, the amount directly goes to payroll.


Comp-off Request

If an employee is required to work on a weekly off or on a holiday, they can submit comp-off request and avail off on another day.


Payslip Download

Employees can download or view pay slips for current and previous months using mobile app as well as employee self-service portal.


Manager Self-Service

Approve team requests, view team members and more.

Process Requests

Managers can approve or reject leave requests, claim request and more from mobile.


View Team

As Manager, HR Manager or Department Head, one can view his/her team members.


Event Alerts

Get notified for employee birthday's, work anniversaries, and wedding anniversaries.


Request History

A history of all approved or rejected requests is available for both employees and managers.


There's More

Build transparent work culture

Company Policies

Publish company policies for easy access by employees.

Help Desk

Requests for inter-department requests like IT, Logistics etc.


Design custom workflows with multiple fields and approval steps.


Send notifications to all or selected employees for official communications.

Availability of some features depend on your subscription plan.
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Is using Employee Self-Service Safe?

HR Department handles highly sensitive data including the personal and financial information of employees in the organisation. Empowering employees to view, edit and manage this kind of information through self-service apps is quite safe since one person can access only his or her data.

Workman Employee Self-Service app is designed with the perspective of data protection and security, on both server and client sides.

Here are some of the best security practices that we implement in our solution:

Available on iOS and Android

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