Trial Period, Account Status and Data Deletion Policy

Last Updated:  Nov 16, 2021
Here is some important information that you need to know about your account status.
  • Once you signup, your account status is set set as 'Active' and trial mode is turned 'On'.
  • As soon as you pay your subscription fee, the trial mode is turned 'Off'
  • If you fail to pay subscription after your trial ends or after the validity date has passed, you will have 90 days to make payment of subscription fee. However, you wont be able to carry out any activity in your account during this period.
  • We will send you periodic reminders during this period to renew your account.
  • Failing to renew within this timeline of 90 days will mark your account for deletion.
  • After the account is marked for deletion, you will have 14 days to renew your account else your account will be permanently deleted. Once this happens, all associated data stored on our servers will be deleted and cannot be restored.
Disclaimer Although we make every attempt to keep our email/sms alert service running at all times, we still cannot guarantee 100% delivery of email and/or SMS to you. You are therefore, requested to note the above timelines and act accordingly even if email and/or SMS communications fail to deliver.