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Employee Self Service made easy with Runtime Workman. Using Runtime Workman, employees can carry out various tasks on mobile itself. This frees up HR capacity which can be used in more productive activities. Runtime Workman can be downloaded for free from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Search for 'Runtime Workman' or visit these links from your mobile: Google Play Store Apple App Store

Logging In

For an employee to login and activate Runtime Workman on his/her mobile, the HR administrator need to send some login details. To do this, login into Runtime HRMS. Click on 'Employees' menu on left and search for the employee by typing in his/her name or employee code. Search Employee Click on 'Edit' to open employee record. Go to 'Options' Tab (Last tab) Workman Setup Click on 'Send by SMS' button highlighted above. This will send an SMS to Employee's mobile number with following information: 1. Company Id 2. Employee Code 3. Login PIN Using these details, employees can activate Workman on their mobiles.
Before using Workman, setup Runtime Gatekeeper at the entry point of your office or factory. To learn more about setting up Runtime Gatekeeper, click here.

Employee Self Service - Workman Features

Once an employee logs in to Workman, he/she will see following home page: Workman Home Following is the list of features and related guides:

Mark Own Attendance

Using Runtime Workman, your employees can mark attendance without any physical touch (for e.g. bio-metric machine). This method of contact-less attendance ensures safety and also it's completely accurate. Runtime Gatekeeper displays a unique QR Code on screen. To mark attendance follow these steps:
  1. Open Workman app and tap on first icon 'Scan' on home screen
  2. A scanner window will open on your screen
  3. Now point your mobile to the QR Code displayed on Runtime Gatekeeper screen
  4. Once the QR code is aligned properly, your attendance will be marked and you will see a confirmation dialog which reads 'Attendance marked successfully' on your mobile

Mark Attendance for Others

Using this feature, attendance can be marked for any employee who either does not have a smart phone or forgets to bring smartphone at work. This option is not available to all employees. HR Administrator needs to enable this function for specific employees for e.g. Security Guard. Click on 'Scan (Other)' option to mark attendance for some other employee. On the first screen, enter Employee Code of the person for which attendance is required to be marked. Thereafter, the same QR Scanner will open that is used for own attendance marking. Scan the QR Code displayed on Gatekeeper and the attendance will be marked for selected employee.

Mark Remote Attendance

Using Remote Attendance, employees can mark attendance from a remote location without scanning QR Code on Gatekeeper. This option has to be enabled by HR Administrator for one or more employees. Click on 'Remote Punch' option on Workman Home. Remote Punch Enter date and time of punch and click 'Submit Punch' to mark attendance.

Attendance Calendar

View monthly attendance calendar by clicking on 'Attendance' icon on home page. Attendance Calendar Click on any date to view the in/out time punches for that data.

Submit Leave Requests

Employees can submit leave request using this option. To do so, open the hamburger menu from top and click on 'My Leaves' Leave Request After submitting the request, the assigned manager of the employee will get a notification of request submission. Managers can view submitted requests pending for their action using 'Team Leaves' option. Team Leave Requests Managers can simply click on 'Approve' or 'Reject' to take action.

View Pay Slip

Employees can view pay slip for any month for which Payroll processing is finished. From the hamburger menu, click on 'View Payslip' option. Select the month for which you want to view the pay slip. Click 'View' to show payslip on screen. Salary Slip You can also click on 'E-Mail' button to receive the pay slip on your official e-mail address. If the selected period is not closed by HR Administrator, the Payslip will display "Provisional" next to the period name.
Other Features
HR Notifications Notifications Leave Request History Leave Request History List of Holidays Holiday List To download Workman, visit this link from your mobile: r00.me/wm