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Runtime Connect Web Portal

Runtime Connect is an employee self-service web portal. Employees can login on this portal using username and password assigned by their HR Managers. Runtime Connect portal is available at this link:

Creating Accounts

To give access to employees, HR Manager first need to create Runtime Connect accounts for employees. Accounts can be created for single user at a time or for multiple users at once. See both the methods below:

Creating Single Account

To create account for a single user, open the employee record and go to 'Options' Tab. Scroll down to find 'Runtime Connect' box as shown below:

Initially, you will see 'User not found'. Click 'Create Account' button to create user account. Click 'Yes' to confirm your action.

User account creation may fail due to following reasons:

  1. Official E-Mail address is not updated on employee profile
  2. E-Mail updated is already used in some other employee record
  3. Account is already created (refresh the page to view updated status)

Once user account is created successfully, you will see following details in the 'Runtime Connect' box:

Creating Multiple Accounts

When you are using the Runtime Connect portal for the first time, it is better to create accounts for all/selected employees with one click instead of creating one-by-one. To do so, go to Setup > Employee Self Service and located 'Employee Self Service' box as shown below.

If you need to create accounts for a selected location, cost center or department, select the same from the dropdown options. To create for all, leave 'All' selected in the relevant options.

Click 'Send Web Login' button and click 'Yes' to confirm your action.

Once the process is complete, you will see a 'Click here' to see results message. Click on this message to see details of accounts created.

Note some of the records will show 'error' and some will show 'success', depending on the results of operation. You can also see description of error in case result is 'error'. For accounts successfully created, you can see Username and Password generated by the system.

Sending login details to employees

Whether you create account for a single employee or multiple employees, the system will send an automated e-mail to employee's official email address. This mail contains link to reset password and login. Here's how the mail would look like:

Using the reset link, employees can reset their password and login to Runtime Connect Portal.

Activate or Deactivate account

To deactivate a user account, open the employee record and go to 'Options' tab. Under the Runtime Connect box, click on 'Active' toggle switch to activate or deactivate account.

Note: Deactivating Runtime Connect account does not deactivate employee record in Runtime. It only disables employee login at Runtime Connect portal. Deactivating does not impact Runtime Workman and employee can continue to use the mobile app also.

Reset Password

Runtime Connect login password can be reset by the employees using the 'Forgot Password' link on login page. However, if the employee is unable to use this service due to some reason, HR Manager can also reset the login password manually. To reset password for an employee, open the employee record and go to 'Options' tab. Under 'Runtime Connect' box, click on 'Change Password'. Enter new password and share with the employee to be able to login.

Need Support?

In case you need support, visit our contact page to find support information. You can also visit 'Help & Support' option inside Runtime Dashboard to submit a support ticket.

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