Employee Reports

Employee Joinings Report

Last Updated:  Jun 09, 2022

Employee Joining report in Runtime allows Hr managers/admin to view and download the report of employee details along with Joining date and confirmation date.

Sending Salary Slips by Email

Last Updated:  Mar 17, 2022

Send salary slips to all or selected employees using Runtime HRMS built-in salary slip e-mailing functionality.

Employee Event Report

Last Updated:  Nov 17, 2021

Use Employee Event Report to keep track of upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries and wedding anniversaries.

Employee Exits

Last Updated:  Apr 24, 2022

This report shows list of employees who have left the organization during a selected time period.

Increment Ageing Report

Last Updated:  Dec 03, 2021

Using Increment Ageing report, you can check the list of employees who are not getting increment from a selected period in past.

Promotion Ageing Report

Last Updated:  Dec 03, 2021

With help of Runtime you can check the list of those employees who are not promoted from last 3 months or more than 3 months.

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccination

Last Updated:  Jul 11, 2022

Runtime let's you keep track of your employees' COVID-19 vaccination status using Runtime Workman (Mobile App) and Runtime Dashboard

Employee Register

Last Updated:  Aug 01, 2022

Employee Register in Runtime includes all essential information about employees such as Names, date of joining, employee code, etc.