Employee Reports

Employee Joinings Report

Employee Joining report in Runtime allows Hr managers/admin to view and download the report of employee details along with Joining date and confirmation date.

Sending Salary Slips by Email

Send salary slips to all or selected employees using Runtime HRMS built-in salary slip e-mailing functionality.

Employee Event Report

Use Employee Event Report to keep track of upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries and wedding anniversaries.

Employee Exits

This report shows list of employees who have left the organization during a selected time period.

Increment Ageing Report

Using Increment Ageing report, you can check the list of employees who are not getting increment from a selected period in past.

Promotion Ageing Report

With help of Runtime you can check the list of those employees who are not promoted from last 3 months or more than 3 months.

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccination

Runtime let's you keep track of your employees' COVID-19 vaccination status using Runtime Workman (Mobile App) and Runtime Dashboard

Employee Register

Employee Register in Runtime includes all essential information about employees such as Names, date of joining, employee code, etc.