Attendance Reports

Attendance Register

Last Updated:  May 26, 2022

he Attendance Register displays records of the leaves, present, absent, holidays and weekly offs for each date of a selected period.

Leave Register

Last Updated:  Jul 11, 2022

Leave Register feature of Runtime HRMS enables you to view the summary of opening and closing balance of leaves, total leaves granted, total leaves taken, total leave encashed, lapsed and comp offs at the end of the year.

Time Register

Last Updated:  May 26, 2022

The Time register shows a detailed break-up of time spent in office, early coming, late going and more for one or more employees in your organization.

Travel Register

Last Updated:  Apr 24, 2022

Travel punches allow you to track employee travel history with location, time and distance travelled during a month and day.

Time Strikes

Last Updated:  Jun 07, 2022

The Time Strikes Report summarizes strikes for the whole month which includes the remarks of late coming, early going, late going, and early coming.

Manual Updates

Last Updated:  Jun 06, 2022

The manual Updates feature lets you download the manually updated attendance data report.