Attendance Management

QR Based Attendance

Last Updated:  Oct 04, 2022

QR based attendance allows users to mark attendance based on geo-fencing and geo-tagging. QR codes can be generated for all office locations and people will be able to mark attendance only from their designated location.

Attendance Settings

Last Updated:  Feb 27, 2022

This article explains some additional attendance settings in Runtime HRMS.

Daily Attendance

Last Updated:  May 24, 2021

View daily attendance for an employee, with details like source and reason of attendance using Daily Attendance page.

Monthly Attendance

Last Updated:  Apr 17, 2022

The Monthly Attendance allows you to capture employee attendance in terms of total number of presents, absents, leaves etc., without without maintaining attendance at the daily level.


Last Updated:  Apr 07, 2022

Define holiday calendar for various work locations for the dates observed as holidays by your organization.

Weekly Offs

Last Updated:  Apr 24, 2022

Weekly off is a pre-defined holiday like Sunday or Saturday. The employees are not required to come to the office or workplace on a weekly off.

Comp Off

Last Updated:  Jun 09, 2022

Compensatory Off (aka Comp Off) facilitate compensating employees by granting leaves when they have worked on a holiday or weekly off.

Biometric Code Mapping

Last Updated:  Apr 20, 2022

To integration attendance sync from a biometric device, map your employees' biometric codes in Runtime HRMS.

Runtime Gatekeeper

Last Updated:  Dec 02, 2021

Learn how to use Runtime Gatekeeper for contact less and safe attendance.