Digital Business Transformation

Last Updated:  Dec 02, 2021
There is a useful and popular exercise that some businesses go through, called Value Stream Mapping.  This includes mapping all the processes involving the flow of information and the flow of material from idea/RFP stage to delivery and payment realization. Any successful business needs to be great at the core domain specific parts of the workflow, because that is what is its USP and core value addition. However, there are other workflows that tie into the core activities that are critical for running a successful business. These can include, soliciting and following up on prospective customers and sales, Marketing, Employee payroll management, support to existing customers, Invoicing and regular billing with payment realization, accounting and others. Managing these critical, but not core, workflows manually is a constant drain on the business resources. This is the thought behind the digital transformation of businesses, so that once it is set up, the business can forget about the modalities of these workflows and add value in the core areas. Digital transformation enables de-skilling and mistake proofing these workflows and maintains one version of truth, so that everyone is on the same page with regards to critical information for the business. Runtime Software products takes care of all of these and more for you. Our user centric feature rich designs are built upon a robust framework of basic business details, which allow cross functional cooperation and uniformity in data capture and usage. All of these capabilities come to you online, safely hosted in a state of the art cloud infrastructure, with ZERO capital investment and “access anywhere” ease of use. Your field staff can login using their smart phones without missing a beat. The end to end integration of all the business processes can help you tailor your instance to your own workflows and maintain end to end visibility of the entire business process, from marketing to soliciting and following up on leads, to after sales product support, to billing -- both one time and recurrent-- , to accounting and payments, and also payroll management for your employees. Our products are priced competitively such that it is a zero risk no brainer for you to try and buy. See product list here.