Billing Automation

Last Updated:  Dec 02, 2021
Automating Billing with Runtime Workspace - Computers are best when they free up humans to be the most creative we can. We, as a web-app development company, take in our clients’ challenging requirements and convert them to web-apps that work. This is obviously over and above our clients who subscribe to our off the shelf solutions, or slightly tweaked and customized versions of those. The business models for all of these permutations are also specific to the offering and the client. The technical complexity of managing these configurations is daunting; but fun! What is not fun, is to keep track of the various one-time and regular payment schedules, send invoices on due dates — one time or regular —, reminders/ follow ups, payment collections through various channels — cheques or wire transfer — and updating the subscription/payment status of the customers. This complex matrix took quite an effort to manage and maintain and was a constant pain for the small and focused tech team that we have. Our own product Workspace has been a game changer for us, in this regard. It is hard to describe the elation you feel when you set it up once, and it does all the grunt work for you. What we now do is, as soon as we make a sale (and by the way, that is facilitated by Workspace as well!) , we enter the payment details in the billing module. It allows you to create recurrent subscription based payment requests on a frequency of your choosing, or requests of one-shot payment. You can then forget about it. What it does auto-magically is:
  1. Generates invoices on set intervals
  2. Sends invoices to the client via email and/or SMS
  3. Notifying us by sending a copy of email and/or SMS
  4. Sends reminders to the clients via emails or SMS (if you choose to set it up on a client to client basis),
  5. Allows the client to pay online using integrated payment gateway (Indian payments using CCAvenue and international payments using PayPal)
  6. Updates the payment status on receiving payment
  7. Sends payment receipt to client for their records
...and all is well with the world. The savings of time, resources and the ensuing peace of mind is priceless. We believe in eating our own dog food and uses the same for our operations. We have been told that the clients experience is similarly stress-free, with automatic payment options and automatic electronic receipts. Highly recommended for your business! Signup for a free trial of Workspace today!