How to ensure employee safety at workplace?

In this fast pacing world, ensuring employee safety at workplace has become a new concern. Read more to know some simple things you can do.

Creating a positive and healthy workplace

The average person spends more time working than any other daily activity of life, and, over a lifetime, an average of 90,000 hours on the job.

A brief about the Hiring Process

Recruitment and selection process is one of the key strategy for human resource management.

Importance of Employee Training

Employee Training is crucial for the success and development of any business. It is fruitful for both employers and employees.

Understanding Conflicts at Workplace

Conflict is not same as is ‘Quarrel’ or fight but they are simply differences in opinions, goals, ideas, ideologies and line of action.

Stress management: How to reduce stress in teams

Stress is no good for an individual in the organization. Let's discuss a few ways to handle stress at workplace.

How to Resolve Team Conflicts

Conflicts are the thoughts, ideas of the individual that differ from others. Working in harmony is the antidote for solving team conflicts.

5 Types of Leadership Styles

There is no one-size-fits-all leadership style. It is safe to suggest that there are as many leadership styles as there are leaders.

Creating and discovering Leaders

Leadership is not necessarily a genetic trait or even a position but instead leadership skills and competence is acquired as a behavior.

Sexual harassment: A threat to employee welfare

Sexual harassment is a sex discriminated action, a behavior of an individual or group of people that mutilate other person’s sentiments physically or mentally.

Balance is the Key: Strategies to maintain work-life balance

Let us dwell on this mouth-full of a word and see what work-life balance is and how employees are affected by it.

A guide for employee recognition at workplace

Employee recognition is an effective tool that helps in building a creative workplace. Follow these simple steps to boost employee morale.

Simple things for better team management

There was an old man who had four children. His sons always used to quarrel on petty things. One day, he decided to teach them a lesson.

6 Insane (but true things) about obstacles of HR professionals

Human resource management is the soul of the company. It includes recruitment, motivation, leadership, research, training, and talent management.

Income tax deductions available for financial year 2020-21

Learn about the various deductions available under Income Tax Act for FY 2020-21 and AY 2021-22

Responsibilities of an HR Manager

The job of an HR Manager is a thankless one, we all know that. But does that relieve them from their responsibilities?

Increase transparency to boost employee satisfaction

Employees are the core strength of any business. An engaged and committed team can achieve anything and overcome any challenge.

Use Full Potential of your Attendance Machine

You may already have an attendance machine installed at your office or factory. But are you using its full potential?

Does your payroll support alternate Income Tax slabs?

Does your payroll software support alternate income tax slabs as per new Income Tax regime?

Top 10 Cloud-based HR and Payroll Software in 2021

We have included some of the top solutions available in 2021 to facilitate your HR and payroll needs.

Statutory Compliance made easy with Runtime Payroll

Managing payroll has never been easy with so many complexities of payroll structure, employee preferences, multiple locations, loans, leaves and more.

Why do you need a payroll software?

One of the commonly agreed idea for making your business run smoothly is to make use of technological tools to automate common business tasks.

Billing Automation

Automating Billing with Runtime Workspace - Computers are best when they free up humans to be the most creative we can.

Lease or Buy - The choice is simple now

When it comes to optimizing business processes, computers and software are a paradigm shift.

Are you using the latest software?

Software is a unique output of our civilization, in the sense that it is one of the few things that are a product of pure thought.

Digital Business Transformation

There is a useful and popular exercise that some businesses go through, called Value Stream Mapping.