Data Security - How we secure your data?

We take best-in-class security measures to protect your data and online presence

TLS Encryption

All traffic between your computer and our servers is encrypted using TLS Security to avoid man-in-the-middle attack. This technology makes sure that sensitive employee information like salary, payroll, etc. is not exposed when information is transmitted from your computer to our servers. Since payroll data is highly sensitive information, your peace of mind is secured with this service.

Hashed Passwords

All user passwords are hashed using SHA-2 hashing algorighm which makes it almost impossible to view/crack your password, even by us! Hashing is a one-way conversion technique where your password is combined with a unique private key and converted into a machine readable hash, which is then stored on our server. When you login, the same hash is regenerated and compared with your original hash to validate your password. No plain-text password storage or comparison ever takes place.

Robust Infrastructure

Runtime runs on AWS servers which are highly scalable and robust to handle large number of requests simultaneously. We've also setup load balancers to handle peak load and distribute the same across our servers. Our web servers deploy rate-limiting to identify and prevent attacks to avoid server downtime in case of hacking attempts.

Data Backups

We run automated database backup jobs of database servers which are stored at on different location for redundancy. Our daily backups make sure we are able to restore from latest backups in case of an unfortunate incidence of data loss.

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